Climate Change and Where You Can Help

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Climatic change is one of the greatest risks that the world is facing today and the case isn’t getting any better soon unless everyone intervenes. With nature controlling more than 70% of the state of the climate, human interaction with nature must, therefore, be adjusted to enable positive climatic change. The change, therefore, may require a lot to be done but you can always start by putting the basics in place that can will help improve the climatic conditions. Some of the areas that may not require a lot of skills but can positively help improve climate change include but not limited to:

1. Advocate for the adoption of eco-friendly sources of energy and reduced pollution.

Some of the sources of energy that are being used are the major threats to the good climatic condition that is expected especially in industries and locomotives. The campaigns for the adoption of eco-friendly sources of energy can, therefore, be done to ensure few harmful gases are emitted to the atmosphere hence reduced pollution. Taking such an initiative as a volunteer within your locality can take the climatic change to a better position and what you basically need to know are the alternatives and the availability of such sources of energy.

2. Educate and practice the importance of landscape restoration.

Taking the first line initiative as an individual or a group on the restoration of the landscape can positively truckle the climatic change that is being experienced. Major activities that will take control of the flooding, soil erosion and degradation of land calls for additional vegetation on the land. Taking advantage of the grass cover and ensuring every unused land is covered with grass can be a solution to some of the major changes

3. Massive tree planting campaigns.

Setting up initiatives within the community that will encourage tree planning can help in climate change. The role and contribution of trees when it comes to climatic change is very significant and motivating the society on such will automatically give positive results. This can be done through partnership to ensure supply of the trees that are drought-resistant and are able to survive harsh conditions.

4. Educate on practical risks in the long run climatic change.

Make it clear through practical and current matters that are already affecting lives negatively to help bring out the clear risks that are involved. Let the whole society understand why they need to care and ensure climate change is controlled including having volunteer sessions in schools, churches and to the community as a whole.

Don’t sit back and relax yet there is an area you can stand out as an individual or a group to restore the degrading climatic conditions. The time you take with the people around you talking about ways of restoring climate change is never in vain for with climate change everybody has something to offer. If you don’t believe us, listen to our good friend Bill Nye: