Charities to Support

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Charity is an organization set up to voluntary provide practical help and raise money for those in need. Although, the care of the needy is usually not left for the private charity only, any other well wishers can freely volunteer. Every year, the number of devastating natural disasters has risen to very high levels, which might lead one to think of where to send an helpful hand. Many factors determine a good charity. For example, how the charity spends the money being donated by the well wishers.

Kids Alive International – A great charity to support.


Some of the best charities to donate include:

1) The Red Cross: This is one of the volunteer relief organization with high spending rates of the donations offered. A larger portion of the donation is funded to the blood donation programs during disasters such as accidents, war or natural calamities. A little donation is also taken to the domestic disaster relief or refugees.

2) Kids Alive International: this is a Christian based organization which seeks to help the orphans around the world. They have gained a lot of trust from their well wishers due to the high score rate of how they spend the funds being donated. Most of the funds goes towards services which benefits the rescued orphans.

3) Good Scholarship Organizations: As we well know, education is the key to a successful future. It is the right that every child to get quality education. But in some cases, a certain kid might be a genius but, the parents seem to be poor hence they cannot afford a quality education for their little ones. In this case, the school can help such kids to be connected with a good scholarship organization. The Scholarship organization can decide to pay for the particular students, school fees in the school they are already in, or transfer them to a better school and still pay their fee. Mostly, this organization is helpful for the the children who are talented and willing but are living in the orphanage.

4) Direct Relief International: This organization aims in providing medical assistance to world wide victims of needy people or natural disasters victims. This organization works hand in hand with the local partners to ensure that health care provides good medication to any disaster victims. It has also aimed on reducing the HIV/AIDS transmission by distributing a lot of home HIV test kit, which gives a quicker result.

Generally, it feels good having a great sense of humor to donate to the needy. However, if you may feel that a certain organization that you are donating in is not spending the donations quite well, you can as well donate on a personal level. For example, instead of donating to a scholarship organization, you can as well take one needy student and offer at a personal level, the education they deserve.